Rain Puts Holes in Roofers’ Schedules


Updated: Jun 22, 2011 4:27 PM CDT


By Sarah Thomsen


The rain is causing a lot of problems for roofers.  Not one roofing company we contacted had a crew actually able to work Wednesday. 


Steve Seehawer’s 31-year-old home needs a new roof badly.


“It’s two small rooms.  The ceiling, the plaster board is starting to get saturated, and if we can get to it no, that’ll be an easy fix, but it just needs a new roof.”


But that’s a lot easier said than done.  Most roofing companies we talked with said they’re several weeks behind schedule with a waiting list that’s growing because of the continual rainy weather.


“We try and do five roofs a week, and when it rains three to four days a week you get one or two done and you fall that much further behind,” H and S Roofing owner Paul Saharsky said.


Each morning, Saharsky looks at the radar, forecast, and the sky, then decides whether to keep his crews home or call them in.


Then he has to break the news to his clients.  “I can handle it.  It’s passing it on to my customers,” he said, “And they understand that I don’t control the weather, and I have three, four weeks worth of projects that I need to get done before I can do their work.”


Wednesday he kept his crews home.  When the sun came out, he worried he made the wrong call.  But just as we began talking to him, the rain started and he realized he averted a potential disaster.


“Sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong, and if you’re going to be wrong, you better bring a couple extra tarps, because you don’t want to get caught with an open roof.”


So as the rain rolls in, customers like Seehawer are forced to wait another day.


“It’s frustrating but it’s no use in letting it get to you, because Mother Nature will do what she wants to do.” Seehawer said.